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July 31
The Exorcist subliminal demon face
The notorious demon face seen in The Exorcist
At the time of the original release of The Exorcist in 1973, rumors were rampant suggesting that subliminal imagery was greatly responsible for the disturbing effect of the film on many viewers. In fact, many brief glimpses of demonic faces had been removed from the original cut of the film, later to be restored in a new version which also included the startling 'spider walk' sequence. The white-faced demon who flashes onscreen several times during the film was patterned after a mask from a 1964 Japanese horror film titled 'Onibaba.' Though none of the demonic images that appear in The Exorcist can be defined as truly subliminal, there can be no doubt that they leave a conscious impression on viewers, in addition to the many other shocking images created by make-up legend Dick Smith.
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