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May 11
The Erotic Art of Luis Royo

Luis Royo was born in Spain in 1954 and began his life as an artist from an early age.

As a young teenager he had already learned technical art and by the age of 16, he was devoting his studies to painting and interior design and was working on commissions from various design studios.

Upon discovering the art of Enki Bilal and Moebius in adult comics, Royo followed in their footsteps.

Four years after the first gallery exhibition of his fantasy art in Paris, the artist was working for Heavy Metal Magazine and being commissioned to paint cover art for many publishers including Tor and Avon.

Royo's acclaim has continued to grow, and his work is found on posters, on tarot cards and in books devoted to his main passions: women and fantasy.

Luis Royo now lives in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, Spain where he has returned to painting on canvas, creating visions of an ever more personal nature.

erotic art by Luis Royo
Images from Luis Royo's "Prohibited" Series
At the turn of this century, Royo offered the first book of a trilogy, entitled The Prohibited Book, in which the tale of Beauty and the Beast offered a dark inspiration for images of fetishistic eroticism

Prohibited Books II and III followed, which are intended to offer 'a different view of sensuality, closer to forbidden dreams and secret desires.'
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