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1 When Death Inspires Art
2 Death Rays
3 The Art of Francis Bacon
4 Ghosts of the Old South
5 Hot Blood: The Anthology of Erotic Horror
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7 Pirates, Pain and Punishment
8 William Kidd: Pirate or Privateer?
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10 The Art of Enki Bilal
11 Iconic Images: 'Bat-Woman' by Penot
12 Absinthe: The truth behind the Green Fairy
13 The Vampire by Philip Burne-Jones
14 The Guillotine
15 Jim Henson's "Labyrinth"
16 The Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball
17 Kali, the Goddess of Destruction
18 Vampire by Edvard Munch
19 Paolo Serpieri's Dystopian Erotic Art
20 Evil and Innocence in Point Pleasant
21 The Lady of Shalott
22 Erotic Ghost Stories: Gotham
23 Erotic Ghost Stories: Haunted
24 The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer
25 The Exquisite Gates of Albert Paley
26 Madonna by Edvard Munch
27 Oscar Wilde's Salomé
28 The Art of Jean-Claude Claeys
29 Portrait of Madame Stuart Merrill
30 Brides of Blood
31 The 'subliminal' demon of The Exorcist
July 19
Druuna and the Post-Apocalyptic Erotica of Paolo Serpieri

Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri is the creator of Druuna, the hyper-erotic heroine of his series of post-apocalyptic graphic novels. And not just graphic in the artistic sense, but in the sexual sense as well.

In Serpieri's series-launching book Morbus Gravis, Druuna is introduced as a survivor of a society that has been undone by an incureable, transforming disease.

As the story set forth in the opening publication ends, the Earth is revealed to have been even more terribly ravaged than originally imagined.

Subsequent books in the eight-part series involve less of the sociological impact of the pandemic and begin to relate a succession of intense, erotic, pornographic encounters with Druuna either acting as willing participant or submitting as an overcome victim.

The exquisite artistic talents of Serpieri make the Druuna series of graphic novels a rare and wickedly engaging group of darkwave 'pillow books' for those with a taste for fetish art and explicit sexual images.

Serpieri has been featured prominently in Heavy Metal.

Druuna nudes and erotic art by Serpieri
druuna spanked   druuna nude
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